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Client: Deepthy Labs Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

A chemical manufacturing company offering custom solutions with Pure acids, Pure Solvents & Fine chemicals  across India for over 35 years.


Description: This Corporate Video explains the various solutions the company offers and covers it's state-of-the-art equipment & infrastructure.

A concept video for a data transfer product solution describing how easily data can be transferred between pendrives using a small device and an intuitive mobile app.

Client: Confident Dental Equipments, Bengaluru

A manufacturing company delivering state-of-the-art Dental & Medical technology products for over 40 years.


Description: A 7 minute corporate video in-depth profile of the company showcasing their products and describing their complete manufacturing unit.

Client: Confident Dental Equipments, Bengaluru


Description: The company found it quite a challenge in communicating to their clients about their unique solution on Centralized Suction System. We worked out a detailed plan solving this communication issue by designing a self-explanatory video explaining the system design and its simplified functions.

A sample mobile advertisement highlighting some of device features in an engaging and lively style

Client: Suveechi Technologies, Bengaluru

Suveechi Technologies delivers cutting-edge tracking solutions to ease complex issues in the areas of identification, administration and security in logistics management in any industry


Description: This is an explainer video of SuVeTrac-G, a vehicle tracking system designed by Suveechi Technologies  highlighting the features and benefits of this innovative solution.

Client: SAP Labs India, Bengaluru

SAP Labs India drives SAP's product strategy, is responsible for SAP core solutions and provides product localization and India specific solutions.


Description:  This is an intro video showcasing SAP solutions at their customer experience centre Hub at Brussels

Client: Creative Media, Pune

Creative media is a media production company producing short films and documentaries.


Description: The company required a logo animation which is simple and  communicates their line of business.

Client: SAP Labs India, Bengaluru


Description: SAP Labs required a very peppy short video displaying a brief history of SAP displaying on their customer centre’s lounge.

Client: PMI, Bengaluru

PMI India is the world leading project management institute for project management professional


Description: This is an opening video for 2nd PMI Symposium

Client: LeeBoy India, Bengaluru

LeeBoy is a US brand that designs and manufactures construction equipment for the infrastructure and road construction and maintenance industry.


Description: This is a Corporate Video that talks about Leeboy's business in detail and covers all of their core products and features.

Client: Kannada Chalanachitra Academy, Bengaluru

KCA  is a Govt. organization promoting film culture in Karnataka.


Description:  This video is a documentary on Girish Kasaravalli, an eminent film director showcasing his contribution to the film industry listing his films and the awards won by the director.

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Data Transfer Product Solution

Confident Dental Equipments

Confident Dental Equipments

PMI, Bengaluru

A sample mobile advertisement

SAP Labs India, Bengaluru

Suveechi Technologies, Bengaluru

SAP Labs India, Bengaluru

Creative Media, Pune

LeeBoy India, Bengaluru

Kannada Chalanachitra Academy, Bengaluru

HP Labs India, Bengaluru